Are Your Trees Healthy?

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March 12, 2021
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Are Your Trees Healthy?

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Do you know what the most important question to ask yourself about your trees is before you plant them and take them home? What type of health assessment can you make of your trees and what can you do to improve their health? As a professional arborist  I have seen my fair share of trees and what I have found is that some are much more healthy than others.

Are your trees in good shape? Healthy trees will be spongy, and full of sap. A tree with healthy growth will have white bark and will have fewer leaves. If a tree is healthy and has good drainage it will have large and healthy branches. Healthy branches will not bend in the wind like they will if the branch is weak. Poor drainage and poor soil will cause trees to grow weak and the main concern with trees is whether or not they are healthy enough to stand up and your job is to ensure this.


Are your trees pruned at least once a year and are they cut at a 45-degree angle? Pruning is necessary so branches are not left hanging and new growth is not stunted. A tree that is allowed to grow in its natural state and is not pruned is at risk of falling over and hurting people or damage to property. A tree that is not pruned is also at risk of disease as well as pests and insects.

How old is your tree? The older it gets the less work it does and the longer it will be able to stand. Newer trees have a shallow root system and shallow soil so when pruning you should focus on cutting away some of the old-growth and let the new growth go up. When you first trim your tree the new growth will appear much larger and at the same time it will catch up with the old growth. This can cause the tree to become unstable and if pruning is not done correctly it could result in branch damage.


Are your trees disease prone? If your trees are diseased, it will be more difficult for them to grow and produce healthy nuts, fruits and flowers. Make sure that you have an excellent pest control program and use natural repellents against pests. Healthy trees need less maintenance and can be left to do their own thing which in the long run produces better results.


Are your trees healthy? A healthy tree provides a great service to humanity by providing food, material for building and energy. Trees also add beauty to areas they grow and spread their seed far and wide. They are a beautiful addition to any home and they do more good than bad. If you want to know if your trees are healthy it is just a simple matter of doing a little research and seeing what the average tree’s health rating is and then you can decide if it is something you would like to have or not.