How Soon After Winter So I Start Treating My Lawn?

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How Soon After Winter So I Start Treating My Lawn?

Dead grass top view of the nature background. patch is caused by the destruction of fungus Rhizoctonia Solani grass leaf change from green to dead brown in a circle lawn texture background dead dry grass.

Lawn care might be far from your to-do list, especially with the ever-changing and crazy winter weather. Nevertheless, a beautiful, homely, and head-turning lawn does not grow without help. Your lawn needs special attention throughout the seasons– even during cold winter weather. Consequently, it will be best to prepare your lawn for freezing winter conditions if you want your grass to experience a quick recovery after winter.


You are in the right place if you are wondering what homeowners are doing to ensure their lawns look great in spring. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Grass grooming during the onset of spring


Your beautiful green grass will not look the same after winter. Instead, it will look sad and worn out as soon as the snow starts to melt. Don’t be disappointed by the appearance of your lawn since winter weather is harsh on grass.


It will help to rake your lawn in early spring to prepare the soil for the growing season. Wait for the soil to dry out before you carefully clear away dead grass, fallen Leaves, and other plant material on your lawn. Avoid skipping this step if you want to improve airflow in your lawn.


Never work on your grass when the soil is muddy. You will want to rake your lawn when the ground is dried out. Therefore, it will be best to wait until spring when the soil is dry and firm. Working on muddy soil might result in unintentional damage to the grass. Moreover, new grass and old grass are fragile. Therefore, raking when the soil is muddy can result in the easy damage of new and old grass.


Feeding your grass in early spring


Do you want your lawn to have evergreen, head-turning, and healthy grass? Feeding your grass with soluble fertilizer will give you these results. However, it will be best to remember that grass is dormant during winter. Consequently, plants will use the feeds during winter.


Feeding your grass with soluble fertilizer in early spring is the best way to help them recover from the beating they take during winter, especially following heavy snowfalls. Wait for outside temperatures to average around 55 degrees Celsius before you start feeding your grass in early spring. Also, remember to opt for a fertilizer that promotes healthy root and shoot growth.


Don’t take forever to mow the Lawn


When is too early to start mowing the lawn after winter? Different regions across the US experience varying spring weather and conditions, which affect the grass growth rate. However, homeowners across America should note that April is the best month to schedule your fast lawn mowing after the winter season ends. Visual checks will reveal that your grass is ready for the fast trim. You can proceed with the mowing session if your grass is over 3 inches high.


Schedule a visit with your local lawn care specialists


Experienced, licensed, and certified lawn specialists will have your lawn smiling and evergreen after winter. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to them today and enquire about their services if you want your lawn to make the Joneses jealous.