What You Need to Know Before You Install a Koi Pond

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What You Need to Know Before You Install a Koi Pond

Japanese variegated carps swimming in garden pond

A koi pond can be a calming and contemplative feature in your garden. From placement to making sure the other aspects of your garden fit well with it, there are a few things that you should know before installing a koi pond. Keep reading for the best tips that can help you adequately prepare for a koi pond.

Understand Measurements and Land Requirements

Having a koi pond means that you now have several fish to keep healthy and happy. Check the stability of your land and design a pool that has sufficient depth. It will need to be close to a power source for the pump that keeps it clean and filtered.

Learn How to Care For Your Fish

Your koi are your new pets. Just as you would look out for the happiness and wellbeing of other pets, it is crucial to do so for your koi. If you have just had your pond put in, triple check all the levels of the water (including pH balance, ammonia, and nitrates) and make sure that the temperature is pleasing. Your pH balance should be around 7. More than 7, and it is too alkaline. Less than 7, and it is considered too acidic. Check these levels monthly to ensure that your fish have a healthy home.

Keep Things From Falling in Your Pond

Especially during the autumn months, it is essential to keep debris from falling on your pond. Not only can it cover the surface and block the sun from getting through but chemicals contained in debris can change some of the levels of your pond. This makes it a much more dangerous place for your fish to live. Many homeowners like to install a canopy or other guards to prevent this from happening.

How to Deal With a Frozen Koi Pond

The dangers the weather poses to your koi pond depends on how inclement the weather gets in your area. Fish cope with cold weather differently, so it is very important to ask your fish vendor about your particular specimens. It is crucial to know whether they can hibernate beneath a sheet of ice or if you should invest in a water heater to keep the water running and encourage activity in your fish.

How Much Sun Will it Get?

If you have a very large backyard, the sunlight is instrumental in how successful your koi pond is. You will want the pond to get direct sunlight for part of the day. However, experts agree that you do not want more than 6 hours. This is sufficient to keep it at a good temperature and keep your koi happy.