How to Identify and Kill Weeds in Your Garden

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When trying to garden, even the most dedicated green thumb sometimes has issues identifying what is a weed and what is a plant. Some weeds are no big deal, but some are bad for your garden. Fortunately, we have some tips that may help you identify these weeds to see how to control them or even eradicate them. Here are different ways to identify and kill weeds in your garden.

1. Keep Track of Your Plants

It may sound like a simple task, but keeping track of your plants makes a huge difference. Keep track of what flowers you have in bloom, and look for weeds that might invade your garden. This is especially important for perennial gardens, where weeds are more common than plants. Keep records of what heights plants are when you buy seeds or plants from the nursery. It’ll be easier to find out when to water them.

2. Distinguish Between Perennial and Annual Weeds

Perennial weeds come back year after year, while annual weeds only produce seeds in one specific growing season. The easiest way to tell the difference is by their flowers. Perennial weeds have flowers that grow on stems and stay all year long, while annual weeds will only flower during a specific time of their growth cycle.

3. Learn to Identify Weeds by Looking at Their Leaves and Flowers

It is probably the easiest way to identify weeds. You can tell if they’re a weed or not by looking at their leaves and flowers. Generally, weeds have large leaves, but not all of them have this trait. Be sure to check their stems as well. Weeds generally have thin and rough-looking stems with no difference in texture from the leaves.

4. Look at Seeds

You can use seeds of weeds to identify them and kill them quickly. For example, drop the dandelion and chickweed seeds in a water bowl and see if they float. If they float, those plants are aquatic weeds you should try eliminating. It would help if you used either a weed killer or a herbicide to kill weeds by removing their seeds.

5. Practice Pulling Weeds

If you’re trying to kill weeds by pulling them up, it’s a good idea to ensure you can do it easily. While some weeds are easy to pull, like dandelions and chickweed, they might get more complicated when it comes to the tougher ones. Make sure you know exactly how you plan to pull out the weeds.


There are various ways to identify and kill weeds in your garden. You should try different methods to see what works for you and how long it will take. After planting edible herbs, flowering plants, or seeds, you should start identifying and killing weeds to give yourself a chance to grow healthy plants.