When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

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Fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy, lush green lawn. There are many different fertilizers on the market, all designed for specific needs, such as turf and container plants. Your fertilizer will depend on the plants you want to keep growing in your yard.
It’s essential to check with your municipality or state department to find out when they would like you to start fertilizing your yard so that it is not done too early or too late. A general rule is that it should be done when the grass reaches six and twelve inches tall.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is generally around the spring season. This will help maintain healthier grass and reduce any need for expensive fertilizer.
This also depends on the type of grass you want in your yard. For instance, if you want to avoid mowing as much, it may be best to wait until your lawn reaches a height of six inches or higher before fertilizing it. This will help keep from damaging the roots of your plants by cutting them too short or mowing too much at once.


This may also depend on the type of fertilizer you plan to use. If you purchase fertilizer for new growth, it would be best to fertilize your lawn at six inches or higher height. If you want a fertilizer that can be left on the ground and taken in by the roots later, it’s best to do this when your lawn is shorter.
As with most things, there are exceptions to everything stated above. It’s always recommended that you check with your state or municipality before fertilizing your yard so that you do not risk being fined by any local laws that may be in place.


These ingredients are generally only used when your lawn reaches six inches or higher so that it can be taken in by the roots. Once it reaches a certain height, you should use a dormant or winter fertilizer that can stay on the ground. If you want to keep it closer to your roots, this is the product you would use. Having this on top of your soil will help give nutrients throughout the whole lawn, not just the new growth parts.


Fertilizing your lawn is essential to keep it healthy, lush, and green. It will also keep your lawn from getting those unsightly brown spots and dead areas that can occur if you do not fertilize. You will want to check with your state or municipality before starting any fertilizer so that you do not risk being fined for doing it at the wrong time of year. In summation, the type of fertilizer you use will depend on how fast your grass grows and what type of grass you want in your yard.