Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

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Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

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If you want to stop mosquitoes from biting you and your family, you need to find the best mosquito repellent for your area. There are many different types on the market today, some better than others. The trick is in the ingredients of the repellents. If you’re looking for a mosquito repellent that’s guaranteed to work, look for a company that specializes in making mosquito repellents. Companies that specialize in mosquito control know exactly what needs to be done to stop mosquitoes from biting down in your backyard, patio, or wherever else you may have that “outdoor” setting.


Your first question might be, why would you want to repel mosquitoes in the first place? Well, you probably smell really good, taste great, are full of nutrients and you could also just be a bit too irresistible for your good self. Fortunately, most mosquito repellent plants do just that, they give off a natural scent that keeps out annoying mosquitoes while simultaneously inviting them to stay away.


One of the best mosquito repelling plants on the market today is called Basil. This type of repellent isn’t as common as some of the others, but it does its job well when used in combination with other natural repellents. You can either grow your own plants outdoors in a pot, using soil as the medium and placing them in the ground once a month as the primary ingredient. Or, you can purchase pre-packed containers of basil from almost any grocery store or gardening center. Either way, basil is one of the best mosquito repellent plants on the market.


Another plant that is often used is Echinacea. This is another essential oil that will repel mosquitoes but it has even greater anti-viral properties than basil. Many people choose to place this essential oil in a spray bottle and spray their yards just before planting. Before doing so, be sure to dilute the oil with water to make it less potent. Spraying just a couple of sprays on an area can do quite a bit to cut down on the number of adult mosquitoes that can survive in your yard.


Lemongrass has been around for centuries as a natural mosquito repellent. However, it’s not always a very good idea to use this kind of natural repellent because it tends to attract a lot of mosquitoes. To repel these insects away from your home, place lemon grass in pots on the ground outside. You can place your plant in a window box or on top of your roof. The scent will repel these insects away, but they aren’t really harmed by it.


Lavender is also another essential oil that you can use to keep mosquitoes away. The smell will attract mosquitoes, but they don’t actually go off to bite you. Instead, they run off to another area to find a more comfortable place to stay. This scent has a very strong aroma that will repel mosquitoes and it also has a very nice and sweet scent to keep other animals and people away as well.